Don’t let excessive moisture vapor and alkalinity ruin your floor installation. Vaprecision offers solutions and remediation, such as MES 100 for concrete slabs with high moisture levels.

If flooring is installed over concrete slabs emitting excessive moisture vapor and alkalinity, your flooring manufacturer’s warranty will likely be voided. To properly address this issue, we bead-blast slabs, edge-grind along walls, pretreat cracks and joints, apply MES 100, and skim-coat with our custom-engineered underlayment for a nearly floor-ready finish.

MES 100 controls moisture in existing concrete slabs – guaranteed.

In remodel/retrofit construction, MES 100 controls moisture to comply with floor covering manufacturer specifications and backs up the process with a warranty covering product, workmanship, and final flooring. The result? A nearly floor-ready finish compatible with virtually any type of covering – including vinyl composition tile, sheet vinyl, linoleum, wood, rubber, cork, carpet, resinous coatings and more. Use our contact form or call us at 1-800-449-6194. We have 22 years of manufacturing, and we work closely with major projects where our products are used. Our products have been used in some of the most important buildings in the world.

  • Applied to concrete with high moisture levels
  • Installed on 60 million square feet, since 1990
  • Compatible with silicates and 100%RH concrete
  • Manufacturer installed product
  • Tolerant to all alkalinity and relative humidity levels
  • Vapor Transmission rate of 0.10 perms (ASTM E96)
  • Exceeds ASTM F3010 performance requirements
  • LEED Points
    • Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Credit 4.2: Low Emitting