Wagner The Proline L606 Wood/Drywall Moisture Meter (analog)


Wagner Inspector Proline model L606 (Analog) moisture meter for testing wood and drywall. Comes in hard case


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Used and preferred by woodworkers, cabinet and furniture makers, flooring installers, contractors, and quality assurance inspectors. The Proline L606 uses advanced electro-magnetic wave technology to accurately measure wood moisture content from 5% to 30%. One year warranty.

  • Non-damaging to finished surfaces.
  • Quickly scans whole boards.
  • The choice of professional woodworkers.
  • Scans 1.5″ x 2.5″ x .75″
  • Pocket size, easy to read analog meter.
  • Measures 5% – 30% moisture content.
  • One touch operation, shuts off in 1 minute.
  • Battery, manual and hard case included.

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