Wagner Rapid RH® Total Reader® with LCD and Bluetooth®


The Rapid RH® L6 Total Reader® combines the Easy Reader and Smart Reader into one convenient device. Quickly reads concrete and ambient conditions and automatically sends the data via Bluetooth® to the DataMaster™ L6 app.

Available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius


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The new Rapid RH® Total Reader® combines the Easy Reader and the Smart Reader into one convenient device. The Total Reader works with the Rapid RH L6 Smart Sensors to read relative humidity (RH) and temperature from the concrete, while its built-in sensor reads ambient conditions at the same time. Concrete and ambient readings are automatically sent via Bluetooth® to the FREE DataMaster™ L6. The Total Reader comes with one CR1/3N battery.

**Please note that, the enhanced design makes the unit incompatible with versions of Rapid RH Smart Sensors released before L6.**

When transferring data to the DataMaster L6 app on your device, the number of readings that can be stored is only limited by the storage capacity of your smart device. This easy reader make is easier to prove the validity of your readings. It also generates PDF reports that can be sent to your client from your mobile device.

Read How the Rapid RH® Works: Installation Manual.

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